Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher

A jaunt through the history of performance magic! With legendary mentalist Max Maven, and comedians: Brent Weinbach, Sarah Schaefer and Derek Hughes. Fun, illusion, pork and secrets!

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Extreme Entomology and the Amazon with Phil Torres, entomologist, host of TechKnow and science adventurer! Underneath your feet, in your bed, on your body live the creepy crawly things of nightmares. We are gonna talk about them, laugh at them and maybe eat them. With comedian guests Kyle Kinane and Nicole Byer.

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THE HISTORY OF HIP HOP! Live from The Cynicave @ Lost Weekend Video in SF. Apologies for any audio wonkiness! This incredibly interesting and super duper funny ep. takes us through the history of the most important musical movement of the last 30 years. From its roots in Jamacian dub all the way to today's top 40 stuff. Expert Jeff Chang , author of Can't Stop Won't Stop guides us and comedians Natasha Leggero, W. Kamau Bell and Kaseem Bentley are very funny about it.

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Live at this year's SF Sketchfest, it's a discussion on the dark history of San Francisco. From it's inception to the gold rush, to the hippies, to the gay movement, San Francisco has always been weird and at one point was so horrible, it's a wonder anyone lives there. They literally go from the founding of SF to modern gentrification in about an hour. It's so much fun. With San Francisco Historian, Chris Carlsson (foundsf.org) and comedians Emily Heller, Jay Chandrasekhar and Rory Scovel. Plus a live theme song performance along with an original song by Drennon Davis and Nick Stargu. ENJOY!

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Black Holes, and The Arrow of Time with renowned physicist Dr. Sean Carroll, and comedians Pete Holmes and Joe DeRosa!

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This month we talk about being gay, the history of Homosexuality, why and how it exists and why Gay people are so dang cool with Dr. Winston Wilde. Also we introduce the Hound Tall Giving Initiative. With Guy Branum, Rhea Butcher and Brent Sullivan.

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History professor Thaddeus Russell joins comedians Greg Proops and Matt Kirshen to discuss "Renegade History", the history of the united states as it has been shaped by the fringes of society. Gays, Blacks, Jews, Drunks, you know, the best kind of people...

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Reknowned religuous studies scholar and author of the book Zealot, Reza Aslan joins Moshe, Maz Jobrani and Ian Karmel as we delve into Islamophobia, Jesus and pretending to be Mexican. It's almost important!

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This installment of the Hound Tall Discussion Series is brought to you by DEATH!! That scary specter clicking its bony fingers together, waiting for us all. This months expert is Catlin Doughty mortician, crematorium techincian and author of the new book Smoke Gets in Your Eyes a memoir about her experience in the crematory trenches and advocating for death acceptance. Comedian guests are Kumail Nanjiani (HBO's Silicon Valley) and Chelsea Peretti (Fox's Brooklyn 99). Its a hilarious and often disturbing look at our own mortality!

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You guys did so good at listening and subscribing and stuff that we decided to drop another episode TWO WEEKS EARLY!! Expert Christopher Ryan (author of the best seller Sex At Dawn) joins us to discuss Polyamory, its roots in our primate ancestors and the shape of a monkey penis. Comedians Nick Kroll and Nikki Glaser join the panel as well and we rate each other's jokes, make sexually crude comments and find out who has played cum on the cracker. It's a hilarious, fascinating episode!

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