Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher

Imagine moving to Syria to fight ISIS with a Kurdish militia. You can’t? Well Brace Belden did just that and explains what the fuck he was thinking. With comedic guests: Janeane Garofalo, Todd Barry and Michelle Buteau. Recorded live at SF Sketchfest. 

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The top science stories of 2017. Crspr! Artificial Wombs! Eclipses! Wild Fires! The seven words you can't say at the EPA! With returning guest expert Cara Santa Maria and comics Natasha Leggero, Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel enjoy and pray that 2018 is a better year for science...

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Comedians Felipe Esparza, Brent Weinbach and Nikki Glaser join Moshe to talk to Los Angeles Magazine's Chris Nichols about the fleeting beauty of Los Angeles, it's history and the invention of fast food.

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Moshe is joined by Big Herc from the "Fresh Out" series on youtube to discuss what life in prison is like. Herc spent more than a decate in prison for bank robbery and now makes a show where he answers peoples questions about the realities of life on the inside. Hint: avoid getting  your wig split or your cheeks busted. Comics Jonah Ray, Baron Vaughn and Barbara Gray join too. It's funny , fascinating and at times brutal. Listen and split your sides not your wig!

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The history and origin of comic books. How disempowered jewish immigrant kids changed the realms of fantasy forever. With comic book writer Adam Beechen from DC Comics and comedians Mike Lawrence and Jay Larson.

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This month we talk asteroids and how to prevent them from destroying human life! Joining us is Farah Alibay, and comics Brent Weinbach, Matt Kirshen and Eliza Skinner. All the mysteries of the Jet Propulsion Lab revealed!


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Time Travel! Or the philisophical theoretics of it. UCLA Philosophy professor Katie Elliott joins the show to discuss, if a time machine did actually exist- would it even be possible to travel through time? Comedians Kurt Braunohler and Nate Bargatze help make sense and make fun of a truly mind bending episode. And they find out once and for all if they could actually travel back in time and kill Hitler.
Stick around after the episode for a bonus reading from Moshe and Natasha Leggero of the short story Professor Elliott talks about in the discussion.
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Is non-violence the solution to oppression? Did MLK own guns? Does violence accomplish anything? WHAT DO WE DO?!? Paul Engler (center for the working poor, author: This is an Uprising) joins us along with comedians Eddie Pepitone, Nato Green, Solomon Georgio and a song by Drennon Davis. (note: this is a "long lost" episode recorded at SF Sketchfest on the day of the woman's march)

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Comedy! Kliph Nesteroff joins the show to discuss the history of comedy in a really amazing and hilarious chat. They discuss Don Rickles, Milton Beryl's dick and the Social Justice Warrior known as Groucho Marx. Jeff Ross, Al Madrigal and Natasha Leggero join the discussion!

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This month Nick Thune, Sara Schafer and Kurt Metzger join Dr. Pete Rollins to discuss the oxymoron that is Christian Atheism? What is it? No idea. But its an intellectual spiritual acid trip. See if you can keep up. People cried in the audience perhaps you will too , you big baby.

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